Terms & Conditions


  • Online Store Orders:

    • Orders totalling less than $150:

      • Cancel with more than 3 days notice and we will refund any payment received minus a processing fee of 2%.

      • Cancel with 3 or less days notice and we will not issue a refund.

    • Orders totalling $150 or more:

      • Cancel with over 2 weeks notice and we will refund any payment received minus 30%.

      • Cancel with less than 2 weeks notice and we will not issue a refund.

  • Custom orders:

    • Cancel with over 2 weeks notice and we will refund any amounts paid minus the deposit.

    • Cancel within 2 weeks and no refund will be issued as we will have been turning away potential orders and it's now too late for us to pick up new orders.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your cake and you are seeking a refund, it must be returned to Opal's Cakes for inspection.  A refund (partial or full) cannot be issued if claims are unable to be verified.

If Opal's Cakes is at fault and is unable to fulfil your order we will refund 100% including deposit.  


  • A non refundable deposit of 30% is required to book in any custom order. Until a deposit is received your order will not be booked into our schedule.

  • Once your deposit is paid we reserve time in our calendar and will be turning away other orders to fit yours in as well as purchasing any special ingredients or equipment required to make your custom order.

Date changes

  • Date changes with under 2 weeks notice will be considered as a cancellation and rebooking.

  • A 20% rebooking fee will be applied to date changes (if changing by more than 3 days) with 2-4 weeks notice.

  • No rebooking fee is applied for more than 4 weeks notice but please advise as soon as possible to ensure we are available for your new date.

Failure to pay balance of Custom order

We will issue a reminder if full payment has not yet been received 3 weeks prior to your order.

If full payment for your order is not received at least 2 weeks prior to your order date we will automatically cancel your order.

Refunds will be considered as per the T&Cs for cancellations above.

Please note: due to potential fraud, we cannot accept screenshots of bank deposits as evidence of payment.  Payment must be received into our account so please do not leave payment till the last day if paying via direct deposit.


Opal's Cakes will not be held responsible for any allergies as we bake items containing soy, nuts, gluten and other allergens in our kitchen.

Where notified of an allergy, an additional cost may be added to your order as we are unable to bake any other orders at the same time to minimise cross contamination and to account for purchasing allergy friendly ingredients.

Collection of Orders

Following collection of orders, Opal's Cakes will not be held responsible for any damage subsequently caused to the cake during transportation. 

If you elect to pick up cakes over delivery you accept all responsibility once the cake leaves our kitchen.

We recommend that cakes be transported on a flat surface where they will not slide around. Cakes should be kept out of direct sunlight.  

We strongly recommend paying for delivery on multi tiered cakes.